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What’s On in London: 3 Affordable But Hearty British Restaurants

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When it comes to planning a trip anywhere, the budget for food is usually bigger compared to everything else. After all, you don’t always have to take the bus or train, but you have to eat, right? Nowhere is this more true than in London, where certain tourist attractions are reasonably close together or just a Tube or bus ride away.

While it’s one of the more expensive European cities to visit, if you look – and book – early enough, you should be able to find a fairly cheap London hotel. That alone gives you more leeway in spending on souvenirs, attractions, and foods.

While there, you definitely won’t run out of dining choices; there’s literally something for everyone, with everything from Chinese, to Italian, to Spanish. Then again, you’re in Britain, so why not take in the local cuisine?

Here are a few British-cuisine restaurants where you’ll eat well without emptying your wallet.

1. Hereford Road – Located at 3 Hereford Road and reached via the Bayswater tube, this restaurant is a mainstay of the local crowd for it’s highly affordable lunch and dinner offerings. A set lunch of 2 courses costs £13; 3 courses, £16.

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The head chef really practices his training on using every cut in his dishes, resulting in these cheap but hearty dishes like lamb rump with broccoli. It opens at noon and serves lunch until 3 PM on Mondays to Saturdays, and until 4 PM on Sunday. Dinner is at 6 to 10 PM. Round off your meal with apple crumble or vanilla rice pudding.

2. The Shed – Found at 122 Palace Gardens Terrace, this restaurant features a changing menu using ingredients foraged and sourced from the owners’ own farm.

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Friendly staff are ready to explain the menu of the day, so don’t worry. The portions are a bit small though are meant for sharing, so you may want to order several dishes per person. Don’t worry about emptying your wallet – you’ll spend only at least £6 for a single dish, £12 at most.

Try a Nutbourne banger (sausage) with mustard, or quail with cucumber, poppy seed and barbecue sauce. A highly recommended dessert is their magnum venietta parfait (they added salted caramel and really dark chocolate on to the classic)  at £6.

3. Barnyard – A casual dining place on 18 Charlotte Street, it serves up good farmhouse-style dishes with some American elements thrown in alongside English. You don’t have to worry about bookings. The busiest times, according to the owners, is 1 PM for lunch and 7 PM for dinner, so go earlier or later than these to avoid the rush.

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Start with, say, honey roast mixed nuts (£3) while waiting for your main dishes to arrive fresh from the kitchen. Choose from pork, chicken, or beef (£5-£14 a dish), and pair the main dish with tasty vegetable sides like potato salad or cauliflower cheese (£4).

Finish off with a delicious pudding at £5 each, and you’ll have eaten pretty well for £25 to £30 per person.

Even with a bigger budget, you don’t need to splurge, especially if you’re visiting certain London tourist attractions during your stay. So check out these restaurants for good and filling British food, without burning a whole in your pocket.

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