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Whats On In London – London Attractions At Their Finest

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Want the best sightseeing tours? Nothing compares to the destinations in London – the magnificent city along the River Thames. Founded during the Roman times, it is one of the earliest premiere in the world.

Considered a cosmopolitan metropolis in the European Union, it has over thousands of fascinating sights, accessible transportation and a merry mix of around 300 languages and culture.

History of London

In the past, it was known as Londinium – a frontier town established by the Romans during the 43 AD. Thousands of years later, William the Conqueror invaded the settlement and became the first King of England.

This intensified the city’s political and historical significance. From then on, English royalties made London the capital of England and subsequently the center of the British Empire.

Today, the majestic city is a bustling metropolis of around 9 million people of various cultural origins. With London attractions visited by millions of tourists every year, this makes the city one of the most vibrant urban areas in the world.

The Landmarks

London’s rich past is still evident today. Famous landmarks include Westminster Palace, the center of British politics and government, and Big Ben – humming every hour to remind Londoners about the time.

The historic Tower of London is one of the medieval structures that defined English resistance against foreign and domestic invasions for almost 900 years. Now, the Tower of London is a lively museum that reminds tourists about the city’s history.

Not far from the Tower of London is an architectural and engineering marvel called Tower Bridge. Completed back in 1894, it has become the iconic symbol of London.

Among the royal landmarks in London, the Buckingham Palace is one of the few remaining in the world. The palace is a frequent setting of organized parades of the Royal Guards and ceremonial occasions by English monarchs.

Places To Go

The city also has one of the most spectacular views of its skyline. You and your friends can experience the breathtaking scenery via the London Eye. It was opened last March 2000 to welcome the twenty-first century.

For art enthusiasts, numerous art museums in London can cater your demand for knowledge. The British Museum showcases artifacts from prehistory to the modern era – famous collections include Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies.

Tate Modern, located at the banks of River Thames, offers the best in contemporary and modern English art. Another museum, the National Gallery, features iconic paintings from the 13th to 19th century.


Your London sightseeing will not be complete without going to Madame Tussauds. This is an astounding wax museum which features some of the most famous people in the world, living or deceased.

You’ll see wax figures of Sherlock Holmes, Albert Einstein, David Beckham, James Bond and even the Queen of England.

For sports enthusiasts, London offers the best in the world of sports. It hosted the recently-concluded 2012 Summer Olympics.

From annual games of action-packed rugby at the Twickenham Stadium, high-speed racket tennis championships at Wimbledon to football games held in Wembley Park – make sure to book your seats for your chosen sports event.

Touring London is surely the best vacation of a lifetime. Not to mention affordable London hotels! To make the most of your trip, let us join you on embarking an adventure within Britain’s capital.

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