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Must-See London Tourist Attractions

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London is one of the most distinguished historical cities in the world, having been a great influence on other places due to its contribution to various areas. These include arts and culture, architecture, and music.

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to London, making it one of the most visited places for both local and international tourists. If you’re planning to visit this wonderful place, here are the must-see London tourist attractions:

Buckingham Palace

Your visit to London will never be complete without paying a visit to Buckingham Palace. Like several other palaces, it has undergone several building renovations to help maintain its beauty and appearance. Taking a photo with it as the background is truly something to boast about.

Buckingham Palace isn’t just for show; it’s very functional as well, being the official residence of Great Britain’s Royal Family. In addition, it serves as an office where the monarchs conduct their business every day.

Among the activities the palace is known for is the Changing of the Guard, and the Horse Guards Parade. The building is normally open only to the royal family and their guests. On certain occasions, though, the palace lets visitors step through its doors.

Big Ben

Big Ben is not the huge boy in your neighborhood, but rather a very famous landmark in London. This clock tower stands 300 feet high, with 4 clock faces measuring about 20 square feet and facing North, South, East, and West.

Considered the world’s biggest chiming, 4-faced clock, the minute hand on each face measures 14 feet long.

Used for holding political prisoners in the 1800’s, the landmark is officially called the Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth. People often use its more popular name, though.

Its popularity has made it a subject of photographs and magazine articles. It has also been depicted on postcards, and in several movies to help signal the setting.

British Museum

If you want to discover new things and see majestic works of art, the British Museum would be a great place to visit. There, you can see different art exhibitions featuring artists from different parts of the world, in addition to historical art.

What makes this museum the best place to visit is that not only are you learning, but you’re doing so for free, since the museum doesn’t have an entrance fee. Therefore, you can go in and out as many times as you like.

The London Eye

If you want to feel a thrill by riding a gigantic Ferris wheel, head to the London Eye. Built in 1999, said structure is considered the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, with a height of 443 feet and a diameter of 394 feet.

What makes The London Eye a great attraction is its observatory nature. When you ride it, you’re sure to see 55 of London’s most famous landmarks within 30 minutes. Here, you can also say you have the best vantage point, being practically on top of the world.

At the moment, the London eye has around 3.5. million visitors every year, and that number is constantly growing.

Visiting London is truly a great experience. Make sure though that you find cheap apartments in London to maximize your budget. That way, you can visit more attractions besides the ones mentioned above.

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