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London – Things You Can Expect To See

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If you want to travel to a cultural and modernized city that has no shortage of tourist spots, London is one of the richest countries in the whole world with that aspect. You cannot deny the tourist attractions – the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Marble Arch, the Big ben and the Iconic red double-decker bus. But London’s appeal is not limited to its architectural and cultural treasures.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may assume that taking a vacation to this stunning city can put a hole on your pocket. But did you know that you can easily find a cheap London hotel that’s both comfortable and elegant?

Instead of staying at the Oxford street or Convent Garden, try staying at Bayswater or Camden or the Hammersmith. The rooms in these places are cheaper and the neighbourhoods are filled with local pubs and restaurants that offer good dishes and shops.

When roaming in this beautiful city, it’s best if you have a free walking tour than riding on a double decker bus since it can be pricey. Also, the bus won’t let you enjoy and appreciate the city if other vehicles surround you.

Instead of availing the double decker bus tours, numerous companies promote walking tours where some are free. The tour take three hours and provides entertaining commentary from an interesting tour guide. Furthermore, you can roam around at the heart of London’s most historic spots. Tips work solely for the tour guides and it’s very much appreciated.

Many companies in London offer free tourist spot attractions. The museums in London are open to all and there are dozens of choices like the London Eye, historic tower of London, the Victoria and Albert and Tate Modern.

It would be easy to spend all day to galleries and museums but you might want to get out and take a stroll to the neighbourhood. The Borough Market is always a good idea for food lovers. The restaurants and the delis are always open even during weekends.

If you want to explore the grandest neighbourhood, you can try the Marylebone where you can go into fabulous shops and restaurants. Go purchase baby stuff, organic foods and delicious cakes.

As for the meal, your expenses always depend on where you choose to dine. In London, pricey dishes are usually found on places with many tourist spots. To save money, it’s recommended to eat at non-touristy areas. Eat where the locals go and possibly you may find a meal that’s both delectable and affordable.

To make sure that you won’t be a victim of theft and robbery, you need to street smart especially in the city centre, even during the day. Don’t leave your mobile phones or wallet on a table of any public place. Always keep your bag close to you, don’t leave it unattended.

In terms of transportation, if you’re on a hurry, the only option is the London Underground or what they call The Tube. Buy an oyster card which can be used on London buses.

By the time you get to the city, you’ll surely be lucky to witness amazing events in London. So, take a breather from your hectic schedule and visit this breathtaking place. You will never regret it.

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