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Events In London – Celebrates Black History Month

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This October 2012, London highlights one of its most historical celebrations, Black History Month. People across the UK and London come together every October to commemorate Black History Month, which has been celebrated since 1987. Black History Month was first celebrated in London and the UK on October of 1987.

It celebrates the rich history of London’s African and Carribean communities and recognizes their achievements and contributions to the country’s heritage. The month of October was especially chosen since it is also the time for Marcus Garvey celebrations and the London Jubilee. Ever since, the celebration has spread across different parts of England, to cities like Bristol, Leeds, Manchester Nottingham and Birmingham, and other regions of the United Kingdom.

The historic celebration was brought about by the massive slavery that Africans suffered during the old days of England. Olaudah Equiano, famously known as Gustavus Vassa, was one of the well-known people of African heritage. He was involved with the British debate for the abolition of the mass slavery trade. Slave trade was widespread across Europe, most especially during periods of war.

The horrific experiences of the African slaves during that time had brought about the protests to stop slavery, not only in Europe, but in other parts of the world as well. Vassa wrote an autobiography that portrayed the horrors of slavery experienced by Africans living in Europe. He was the one who helped influence the British lawmakers to finally stop slavery and abolish the slave trade in 1807.

Finally, the Africans were freed from slavery and torture, and have since then experienced freedom just like everybody else living in London and the UK. This annual celebration highlights the achievements of the black community all over London and across Europe. It features programs of art, history, culture, and entertainment events.

The most anticipated highlights include a series of exceptional talks and activities at the Museum of London Docklands that guarantee an insightful look into the black history, music and culture of London. Events and exhibitions will also be held throughout the month in a variety of locations around London and the UK, with plenty to see and do for visitors. There will also be dancing, food, and music that depict the culture of Africa for every one to enjoy and gain invaluable insights.

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