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London Attractions – Tips To Avoid 3 Tourist Traps

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As much as we love London for its posh community and rich culture, so does everyone else in the world. Visiting London? You’re probably not the only one. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people flock to London everyday just to experience one of the world’s most affluent cities.

What does this mean? Economy-wise, London’s earning a lot from tourism. Tourists like you, are in for a whole lot of standing in line and fighting through crowds. London attractions are definitely worth the wait, but the prices and the painful feet may beg to disagree. For those planning on sightseeing, here are some of London’s well-known ‘tourist traps’, and a few helpful tips on how to deal with them.

Madame Tussauds

This is arguably one of London’s more controversial attractions. Children love seeing the wax dummies, and a few adults have definitely done return visits. One section of it shows how the wax dummies are made, and it’s actually quite interesting. Unfortunately, an equal number of reviewers have voiced concerns about the price and the crowd that follows. Many say that the wax dummies and the monstrous waiting line aren’t worth the price of 28 quid.

Suggestions: If this London attraction is truly on your sightseeing plan, it’s best to go before opening time to beat the line. Get it over with fast so you can spend the rest of the day in other crowd-free establishments.

If the price concerns you, go after 4 or 5 pm where evening ticket prices are much cheaper than the day’s. Alternatively, you could book tickets via Madame Tussauds’ website to save money and time.

London Dungeons

The London Dungeons started out with a beautiful concept, yet, fell to the grasp of commercialism. Costumed actors would lead visitors through live representations of the darker parts of London’s history – the plague, Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, and so on.

It’s understandable why people line up to experience London Dungeons. It’s graphic, gory, and it caters to the side in all of us that gets kicks out of being scared. Unfortunately, there simply are too many people, and some even argue that the series of macabre tableaux just aren’t worth the price.

Suggestions: Go early, because most people want to experience London Dungeons at night which is more scary. Book your tickets online through their official site, as they occasionally offer group deals and passes. This saves you from waiting in line. If you can, good to experience this with a group of friends. Once real dungeons, the fun intensifies in here when everyone gets scared together.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Honestly, this museum is best for die-hard fans of Sherlock Holmes, not the Benjamin Cumberbatch version, or the Arthur-Conan-Doyle-book version. This 221B Baker Street apartment is definitely the world’s most famous address. Other than that, though, there are better museums to visit in London. The apartment is full of mannequins depicting scenes from the Sherlock books, and it’s decorated exactly as Arthur Conan Doyle described it.

Suggestions: Unless you’re a fan of the books, good to skip this London apartment entirely. The Imperial War Museum, with free admission, and the Churchill War Rooms have much more interesting, and historically real things to showcase.

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